Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, at least Milton Bradley is consistent

Our favorite former Chicago athlete, one Milton Obelle Bradley, has started his Mariners career with 1 hit in 22 at-bats - a .045 average. He has 2 RBI in 7 games and a .182 slugging percentage. He has been dropped from fourth to fifth to sixth in the batting order.

Oh, and he has been censured for flipping the bird at fans in Texas.

And you know what that means ...

It's time for M. Obelle to blame Chicago fans, Lou Piniella, the Chicago media, Jim Hendry, the Great Chicago Fire, his ex-teammates and Chicago deep-dish pizza.

Much easier than blaming the one who swings the bat and the one who can't get a grip on one's temper.

Seek help, M. Obelle.

Really. I am not joking.

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