Monday, March 29, 2010

High 5s

Just remember when you're doing your brackets next year, kids:

Despite what the "experts" say, the 12s don't always beat the 5s.

Sometimes the 5s not only win, but two of the suckers go all the way to the Final Four.

On another note, I was glad Duke won. There should always one overdog in any tournament, one team you want to root against.

So now we've got three pretty darned good underdog stories ... and the effen Dookies!


  1. i told my dad that you were writing the cub from arizona stories now...he said he would read them though he is a sox are you still in phoenix - one of my favorite cities by the way and are you still doing the cubs stories from you get out to see the sites...been to north mountain, crater monument, painted desert...etc

  2. Still here in Mesa. Writing today's game vs. Reds as well as Wed and Thu games. Then I start driving home Fri. Have been here many times and seen most of the sites you named as well as many others. This time, too much work to do much siteseeing - though I have gotten in some mediocre golf at good courses in great weather!!