Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busted bracket do-over

I never (OK, just about never) take a mulligan when I play golf, so I'm gonna take one here ...


Northern Iowa over Michigan State ... There hasn't been this much excitement in Cedar Falls since Oliver saved Mr. Haney from the corn-shucking machine.

Ohio State over Tennessee ... Evan Turner will rip that Creamsickle sportscoat off Bruce Pearl's back while he's driving past the Vols' bench on the way to a dunk.

Then ...

Ohio State over Northern Iowa ... Let's get real. Northern Iowa ain't going to the Final Four.


Syracuse over Butler ... This is the only Sweet Sixteen matchup I actually got right, so I'm going with the team I picked to win it last week. As good a reason as any.

Kansas State over Xavier ... K-State has better players at just about every position - as if talent advantages have meant anything so far.

Then ...

Kansas State over Syracuse ... Just when K-State players start to get tired, Frank Martin buys some time by having a coronary on the bench. Now that's strategy!


Kentucky over Cornell ... Boy, would I love to be wrong in this matchup of Future Pros vs. Future Agents.

West Virginia over Washington ... If those Marquette-vanquishing Huskies keep playing the way they have been, they have a great chance. Odds of yet another incredible outside-shooting game are low, however, and West Virginia knows how to muck its way to victory.

Then ...

West Virginia over Kentucky ... Just a feeling. Of course, I've said that before in this tournament and have been burned so often that my scars have scars.


Duke over Purdue ... This will be such a blowout that Coach K will pull a Phil Jackson and start filing his nails midway through the second half.

Baylor over St. Mary's ... I don't know much about either team, but I do know one thing: There was never a great player named Elgin St. Mary's.

Then ...

Duke over Baylor ... The team you love to hate - the Yankees of NCAA hoops - are back in the Final Four.


Kansas State over Ohio State ... K-State finally overcomes feelings of rejection from when Lon Kruger bolted.

Duke over West Virginia ... Jon Scheyer's high school coach was Bruce Weber's brother. I'm just sayin'.


Duke over Kansas State ... In the most unpredictable tournament in years, those freakin' Dookies end up back on top. Somehow, that's not fair!


  1. Looks like you're on your way to another stellar weekend of picks with this pile.

    I mean, West Virginia???? Did you even see that Washington team play last week? And did you happen to notice how fast the Big East started to wilt once the tournament started?

    I'm thinking you might want to put a hat on while you're out in the Arizona desert. It might slow down the bake effect.

  2. Yahoo! Sports has a game for you if your bracket is busted. It's called Second Chance Tournament Pick 'Em. You can learn how to register for this game at:

  3. i found myself listening to a spring training game on ktrs...and the cardinals have the worst radio announcers...but what is a body to do...when will the basketball madness end...ack ack