Monday, March 8, 2010

Blindsided at the Oscars

At first, I thought it was just some bad leftover pizza ... but I soon realized it was all of those speeches made by the pals of the best actor and actress nominees that made me feel a little ill.

Yeah, we get it. Every nominated actor and actress not only is a wonderful performer but also a paragon of virtue. Just like everybody else in Hollywood.

OK, I will admit I kind of liked Tim Robbins' spiel about Morgan Freeman - because it played on Freeman's fallibility.

And then I had to get sick all over again when Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for an over-the-top performance in a mediocre film. I mean, The Blind Side wasn't even one of the three best sports movies of 2009.

Oh, and remember the olden days ... you know, when Steve Martin was actually funny?

Pass the Tums, please.


  1. I was really hoping they'd bring back Hugh Jackman for the hosting duties. He was hands down one of the best hosts I've seen for the show in part because he didn't limit himself only to cheap humor. If groaners are all the Oscars want from the host(s), just give Jay Leno the job for life and be done with it.

  2. very funny post...what about baseball? to paraphrase a famous chicken i need your cues to keep me warm wido hen wido hen

  3. Hey Doug ... I write about baseball all the time for a living (as it were). Don't expect too much of it here! I'm out of the free-sports-blog biz, remember?

  4. Hey was that your AP article on the Cubs in the Joliet Herald-News in today's March 9, 2010 edition?

  5. Nope. I only cover the home spring games and they were on the road yesterday. If it has a Mesa dateline, it's mine. If not, not.