Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lou's verbal smackdown of Hendry

The Bald Truth

I'm not sure if even Lou Piniella realized it when he said it, but after another impotent loss to the sub-mediocre Braves, the fed-up Cubbie skipper fired his first public shot right at GM Jim Hendry's head:

"I get asked the same questions every day - every day, you know? I think what you need to do is go ask the players why they’re not hitting instead of asking me. Or go talk to the hitting coach."

In other words: Go talk to Hendry's hitting coach, Von Joshua. He's the guy Hendry brought after going over Lou's head and firing Gerald Perry, a perfectly good hitting coach who also happens to be Lou's friend.

Lou might as well have said: "Hey, Jimbo, these are your crappy hitters and now it's your savior hitting coach. Have a nice day."

The Quote

"I’m not in the batter’s box. All I can do is try to keep them upbeat and show them what’s going on with their mechanics." - Von Joshua

So after Hendry blamed the previous hitting coach, the current hitting coach is saying: "Hey, man, don't blame me."

What an organization.

Maybe Hendry should ensure a World Series appearance by firing Jim Riggleman again.

The Balder Truth

If you say you had Jason Marquis and Tim Wakefield in the First Pitchers To Eleven Wins Pool, I hope you don't mind if I call you a liar.


It's July 8. It's 63 degrees and breezy. You know, on July 8, a guy shouldn't have to wear a fleece jacket over a long-sleeve shirt with the heat on in the Wrigley press box.

Give me my summer, dammit!

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  1. I agree--I can't take this any more! I've been to three Cubs games and was COLD at every one of them!