Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back ... back ... back ... blecchhh!

Home Run Derby? Missed it. By choice.

Already planning to miss Derby 2010, too.

Based on past experience, watching sluggers bash baseballs a long way is mildly entertaining for a few minutes. When one takes ESPN's absurdly serious treatment of the event into the account, well, unwatchable and gag-inducing are the adjectives that leap to mind.

I mean, why not just have Boomer Berman do straight play-by-play of putt-putt golf?

"Oh no! Here comes the windmill blade now!"


  1. i agree this whole "the season is half over" thing is boring and wrong...i quit watching any of it in 1984...so i am 25 years of dumb baseball free..

    cut the season in half and make the all star game matter and i would be happy...i just started looking at the stats...i may watch a whole game this weekend...maybe

  2. I just said this very thing to hubby last night. It was fun watching the Derby the first few years but now it's ho hum same ole same ole. They need a new formula, a new announcer.....hell, somethin' different! Or, put it to bed. ~Belle