Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get me rewrite!

The All-Star break has arrived and it's time to play a game I like to call "What I Meant To Say."

Let's look back at the predictions I made back in April and update them with some fancy-schmancy editing.

Play along and win big cash prizes!


What I Said: Mark Teixeira, Yankees.

What I Meant To Say: Jason Bay, Red Sox.

The national media loves Joe Mauer, and there's a lot there to love. Well, how 'bout this: Though he finished the first half by going 0-for-9 in the last two games, his Twins still put 20 runs on the board against the White Sox. So really, how valuable can he be? Seriously, playing catcher wears on a guy. I mean, his average is all the way down to a pathetic .373! Bay is having a big year for the league's best team and he'll benefit from the Anti-Manny Vote.


What I Said: Albert Pujols, Cardinals.

What I Meant To Say: Albert Pujols, Cardinals.

While the talk of Mauer batting .400 was absolute silliness, Pujols has a better-than-good chance to win the Triple Crown. He's the best hitter on the planet by a wide margin ... and it's not like this season has been a fluke.

AL Cy Young

What I Said: Roy Halladay, Blue Jays.

What I Meant To Say: Justin Verlander, Tigers.

Halladay might get traded to an NL team, which would immediately end his candidacy. Even if he stays, he'll be toiling for a Toronto squad that has hit the skids. Verlander is better than he was when he helped the Tigers to the '06 World Series. Working in a pitcher's park won't hurt.

NL Cy Young

What I Said: Derek Lowe, Braves.

What I Meant To Say: Tim Lincecum, Giants.

It's looking like back-to-back hardware for the 170-pound kid who seemingly throws out his arm on every pitch. It helps that Lincecum pitches in perhaps baseball's best rotation, making for lots of anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better action in San Fran.

AL First Manager Fired

What I Said: Ron Washington, Rangers.

What I Meant To Say: Eric Wedge, Indians.

Wedge's team is the most disappointing in the league and he has received the dreaded vote of confidence from his boss. Sounds like a sure thing, no?

NL First Manager Fired

What I Said: Cecil Cooper, Astros.

What I Meant To Say: Bob Melvin, Diamondbacks.

With Melvin's ballclub playing like the '62 Mets, D-backs management barely waited a month to give him the heave-ho. He beat Colorado's Clint Hurdle out the door by about three weeks but unlike the Rockies under Jim Tracy, the Diamondbacks haven't exactly soared to new heights under A.J. Hinch.

AL East Champion

What I Said: Red Sox.

What I Meant To Say: Red Sox.

The Yankees simply can't beat them.

AL Central Champion

What I Said: White Sox.

What I Meant To Say: White Sox.

Flawed, but who in the division isn't? They have a better bullpen than the Tigers, play better defense, will have Carlos Quentin coming back to boost the offense and already have gotten a nice boost from Gordon Beckham.

AL West Champion

What I Said: Angels.

What I Meant To Say: Angels.

They've had more injuries than Lou Piniella's famously banged-up Cubbies. Unlike Lou's excuse-making lads, the Angels are 10 games over .500 and in first place even though the Rangers had an unexpectedly good first half.

AL Wild Card

What I Said: Yankees.

What I Meant To Say: Yankees.

They've stayed close to the Red Sox even though they can't beat the Red Sox, even though A-Roid was hurt and even though some of their big-bucks boys haven't been worth the dough. Talent doesn't always win out but it usually does. 

AL Pennant

What I Said: Red Sox.

What I Meant To Say: Red Sox.

Any team that can survive the AL East can survive the rest of the league.

NL East Champion

What I Said: Phillies.

What I Meant To Say: Phillies

Despite a couple of horrendous streaks, they have held off the rest of the division. The Marlins are still a little green and inconsistent, the Braves don't have enough talent and the Mets are frauds.

NL Central Champion

What I Said: Cubs.

What I Meant To Say: Cubs.

The Cardinals and Brewers had their chances to bury the Cubs and couldn't do it. Yes, I'm getting tired of the injury excuse - the Cardinals have had plenty of injuries, too - but it is also a fact that the Cubs have had a lot of injuries. And some of their supposedly best players have been lousy. I still think they are the division's most talented team - something that would change only if the Cardinals or Brewers bring in a Halladay-esque addition.

NL West Champion

What I Said: Diamondbacks.

What I Meant To Say: Dodgers.

Also what I mean to say is that the drugs were very powerful the day I made that D-backs prediciton.

NL Wild Card

What I Said: Dodgers.

What I Meant To Say: Cardinals.

The Giants' pitching staff makes them scary but the Cardinals have decent pitching (if Chris Carpenter stays healthy). St. Louis also has Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa. Not to mention The Great Mark DeRosa.

NL Pennant

What I Said: Phillies.

What I Meant To Say: Phillies.

They know how to do it and they have the talent, though I'd feel a little more comfortable about this if they can bring in one more outstanding starter to bring their pitching nearer to the Dodgers' level. Pedro Martinez is only the answer if it's 1997 and the Phillies move to Montreal.

World Series

What I Said: Red Sox over Phillies.

What I Meant To Say: Red Sox over Phillies.

The curse has long left Beantown. Word is, it's doubling down on Chicago's North Side.

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