Friday, January 21, 2011

Prediction: A Super Sunday Parity Party

Whichever QB gets pounded less will win.

It says here that will be Aaron Rodgers, who also happens to be a significantly better QB than Jay Cutler.

Packers 17, Bears 13.

Also: Jets 20, Steelers 17. Why? Why not?

Two No. 6 seeds in the Super Bowl ... Pete Rozelle's dream finally will have come true.


  1. rarely ever do you write things that are totally over my head but the last one i did not understand at all...i don't like the bears much but they were the only ones predicted to get to the dance so...god i hate this...i gotta go with them..

  2. Pete Rozelle's ideal was parity - the notion that any team really could win the championship any year. That certainly isn't the case in MLB and the NBA, but in the NFL, with so much shared revenue and a hard salary cap, it's a reality. Not sure he really would have liked two No. 6 seeds in the Super Bowl ... but he certainly wouldn't have minded. Especially if one was a NY team.