Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Lovin' On LoJack Again

Just got home from a Labor Day weekend trip to Chicago -- our second visit there since our grandsons Jack and Logan were born August 9.

Robbie and I can't get enough of Jack (left) and Logan!
The boys, who were born a few weeks early, have grown so much. Logan, who went home from the hospital first, is now topping 7 pounds; Jack, who was reunited with his younger (by about 20 seconds) brother on August 25 after he started eating better, is well over 5 pounds.

Jack (left) and Logan ... chillin' at home.
Robbie and I again stayed with Sammi's wonderful parents, Linda and Mickey Lipkin. In addition to giving us great conversation and fantastic room and board, they put on a heck of a family BBQ on Sunday. 

Chicago-style hot dogs, various accompaniments, cold beer, and an afternoon of fun with "LoJack." What could be better?

Grandmas Robbie and Linda love their little snuggle bunnies.
One other thing that made this trip to Chicago more special was that Aunt Katie flew in from Seattle and met her nephews for the first time.

Aunt Katie has her hands full with LoJack!
On Monday, our forever friends Darcia and Mike Brundidge stopped by Ben and Sammi's apartment for a meet and greet.

Darcia took turns holding Logan and Jack ... and each seemed so content in her arms that we called her "The Baby Whisperer."

Ben and Sammi could have used The Baby Whisperer the night before, as the boys had what was described as their most restless night. 

Ben said that whenever he would put Logan down to sleep, Jack would get going; and whenever he would finally calm Jack down and return him to his crib, Logan would start.

Welcome to fun with twins!

Is this Logan whispering his diabolical plan
to keep Mommy and Daddy awake?
All in all, though, life with LoJack has been great, and Robbie and I are very proud of how patient, loving and gentle a father Ben is.

It wasn't easy leaving our grandsons again -- and it got even more difficult after we said goodbye, as our flight was canceled due to storms elsewhere. What was supposed to be an easy, 2-hour, non-stop trip ended up being a nearly 8-hour excursion that took us to Columbus and Baltimore before we finally got back to Charlotte.

Still, it was all worth it, and we can't wait to get back soon to see Jack, Logan, Sammi, Ben and the rest of the Chicago crew.