Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Oh Boy, Oh Boy ... Look Out World, Nadels Are Reproducing!

Robbie and I had a great trip to Chicago from May 3-6, visiting Ben and Sammi. So what the heck ... this is as good a time as any to share some great news with The Baldest Truth's tens of readers ...

Sammi, our marvelous daughter-in-law, is pregnant. Due around Sept. 1, give or take. Here she is, looking radiant!

I would have said she is "with child," but that wouldn't have been accurate.

She actually is with ... children.

Here is a dramatization of Sammi and Ben discovering a couple months back that they were having twins:

They recently learned they will be having boys, and I'm sure little Kirby and Harmon ("Twins" - get it?) will be amazing additions to our family.

Twice the love, half the sleep!

Our nephew Russ and his wife Tara recently had their second son, too. And of course, I'm the youngest of 4 boys.

Boy oh boy, do we Nadels make boys!

Sammi is doing well, as are the future grandkids (according to all medical reports so far). She has a lot of energy, as she showed in the long walk we all took on the lakefront.

A few days after we got home from Chicago, soon-to-be-Aunt Katie visited us in Charlotte for Mother's Day weekend.

Here are Grandpa Mike, Grandma Robbie and Aunt Katie celebrating our pending family additions in advance.

Katie and Robbie better enjoy that photo. Pretty soon, all the Nadel girls will be vastly outnumbered by boys!