Monday, August 26, 2019

"LoJack" -- Together Again!!

Sunday was a happy day for the Nadel and Lipkin families, as Jack was deemed strong enough to leave the hospital and join his twin brother Logan (and parents Sammi and Ben) at home.

Logan (left) and Jack are all smiles at home together!

Jack had not been eating enough, but that started to change on Friday -- the boys' 2-week birthday. Ben and Sammi excitedly called to let us know that Jack was gobbling up his milk and formula.

Jack and Logan see eye-to-eye on the whole "being together" thing!

And now that Jack is eating better and gaining some weight, the boys are starting to look more alike. In the side-by-side photos below, Jack's on the left. 

The above "LoJack" photos were not poses, either; they weren't even taken on the same day! Pretty cool.

Sammi and Ben report that the boys are a lot more alert and active than just a few days ago ... but they obviously still like their naps. That's great, because sleep is a time of major growth.

And here's the happy couple, relieved to no longer have to go back and forth to the hospital, and thrilled to have their entire family at home. (Ben's holding Logan; Sammi's feeding Jack.)

Of course, now this means double the fun -- and double the attention necessary. There will be occasions when the boys want to eat at the same time, need to be changed at the same time, etc.

Ben and Sammi are up to the task ... and when they do need a little help, Sammi's family is nearby. Her mom Linda and younger sister Lauren are pediatric RNs, and her older sister Genna is a pediatrician. And of course Ben's mom also is a pediatric RN, and we'll be going to Chicago often. 

LoJack will never be lacking the best of care, that's for sure!!

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