Sunday, January 16, 2011

Belichick: From genius to choker

Umm ... how do I put this subtlely? How 'bout this:

Bill Belichick choked.

With his Patriots trailing the Jets by 10 with 12:55 to play, ol' Hoodie McHoodster let Tom Brady and the great Pats offense take their sweet time meandering down the field. The ChowdahHeads kept running the ball, kept taking full huddles, kept milking the clock.

Tick ... tick ... tick. If you didn't know any better, you'd have thought the Pats were up by 10 points rather than down 2 scores.

Nearly 8 minutes later, the Patriots gave up the ball on downs. Didn't even get off a stinkin' field-goal attempt. Game over.

Yes, Brady had a less-than-stellar game. Still, on New England's previous possession, he guided the team 80 yards in less than 4 minutes, passing on almost every down.

There seemed to be plenty of time left for some patented Brady magic ... until Belichick & his offensive braintrust used up nearly all the time, 3 and 4 yards at a time.

It was a choke of Cubbian proportions, and it's all on Hoodie.


  1. Is there a reason professional athletes have a hard time looking reporters in the eye when answering questions? They seem to just stare off into space like they've been distracted by dandelion seeds floating through the air. Cutler did that during his on-field postgame interview, and I realized that I've seen quite a few of them do it under those circumstances.

  2. how can it be that the only team that was really predicted to win actually won was the bears...

  3. Drew: Having been the interviewer in these situations a zillion times, yes, what you say is true. But do remember is that these jocks are just regular people, and lots of our ilk also aren't very good at making eye contact. With Cutler, that's one of the least of his ills.

    Doug: Because dey are da Bearssss, my friend.