Monday, April 23, 2012

Today's High 5: Charlotte Bobcats Edition

5. Some think it's pathetic that Kemba Walker and the Bobcats have won only 7 games this season. But hey, that's one whole win more than Walker managed in the 2011 NCAA tournament with UConn.

4. It's time to stop asking if this year's Kentucky Wildcats could beat the Bobcats in a 7-game series and start wondering if the Bobcats could beat the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. (My money's on the Bobcats taking a tight series!)

3. OK, so things aren't all that peachy for the Bobcats. But at least they can look forward to paying Tyrus Thomas $26 million over the next three seasons.

2. Nobody can convince me that Cam Newton wouldn't be one of the three best Bobcats right now.

1. Sources say Michael Jordan just called his lawyer to see if he could make an addendum to his divorce settlement that would force Juanita to take the Bobcats.


  1. I got my Cubs, you got your Bobcats. We both have excuses to check out Major League Soccer! What a wonderful world...

    Oh, BTW, it's pretty late to add to your post the other day, but the current rosters of the Bobcats, Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards are my lone reason for opposing the one-and-done rule. Yes, it keeps Calipari's teams as perpetual contenders, but way too many NBA rosters are being staffed by kids with very little seasoning, and not enough maturity to work on their games for a lengthy, ring-filled NBA career (see: Bryant, Kobe; Garnett, Kevin).

    Sadly, many of those one-and-dones squander their financial windfall within five years after they leave the game. Maybe that's why you never hear about pro atheletes asking President Obama to "raise my taxes".

  2. They ain't MY Bobcats; they're M.J.'s Bobcats!

    I agree the basketball world would be better off without the 1-and-done situation. But last I saw, nobody was asking our opinion!