Friday, April 27, 2012

Jordan's Bobcats: "We're No. 1!"

The NBA has been around for so long that there were lots of Jewish players in its early years but no black players.

And in all that time, no team ever had finished with a winning percentage lower than .110.

Until now.

The Bobcats -- my home team -- became the suckiest suckers in pro basketball history Thursday, when they wrapped up their NBA season with their 23rd straight loss. With owner Michael Jordan watching from on high, the Bobkittens were trounced by a playoff-bound Knicks team that rested everybody this side of Dan Gadzuric.

M.J.'s freckle-faced lads finished the lockout-shortened season at 7-59 for a winning percentage of .106.

Or, if you prefer, a losing percentage of .894.

Once upon a time, Jordan was the ultimate winner. Now he is the king of the losers.

Maybe he just needs to bring a few Jewish players aboard.

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