Thursday, December 1, 2011

Over and out for the Cain Train

It was fun while it lasted but it's officially over for Mr. 9-9-9.

No, Herman Cain has not announced yet that he's ending his never-had-a-chance bid for the GOP presidential nomination, but he has said this:

"It ain't over till it's over."

Which, of course, is the death knell.

Ever since Yogi Berra said that (or at least was reputed to have said that), a zillion other underdogs have uttered that mumbo-jumbo.

Alas, a zillion out of a zillion times, there was no comeback.

Good rule of thumb: As soon as somebody says "It ain't over till it's over," you know for certain that it's over.

Herman was good for a laugh, but he can now return to reality. Which, he might tell you, is nowhere near Libya.


  1. Mike, while you are laughing at the GOP field and celebrating the not-yet-announced demise of the Cain campaign, allow me to remind you that the current Democrat governor of your state actually recommended suspending Congressional elections (hint: bad idea), then take a look at how even people on MSNBC are saying how inexperienced he is in his job, and how Democratic pollsters put out a Wall Street op-ed piece suggesting he not run for another term, and how President Obama plans to abandon working-class white families for the 2012. If Obama wins re-election, you'll be wishing for Cain...Palin...anybody else to be running this country while Obama turns it into socialist Europe.

    Jus' sayin...

  2. Herman Cain is a dolt when it comes to serious issues facing this country and the world. He rode the GOP's anybody-but-Mitt surge for a brief spell; his time is done, thank you, and now it's Newt's turn to fill that role.

    I am not a Democrat. I am independent and have voted for members of both parties in practically every election since I turned 18. For example, I am very proud to say I voted against Blagojevich twice. Don't blame Bev Perdue on me; she was here before I arrived in N.C.

    And I would vote for Huntsman -- the only non-divisive, non-extremist GOP candidate -- over Obama.

    In other words, don't assume things about me -- because you don't know what you're talking about.

    Oh, and I would NEVER wish for Palin. If you really would, BA, I feel sorry for you.

    Jus' sayin...

  3. couldn't agree more with you mike...this republican silliness will go on for another year...i could not vote huntsman because he is a mormon,,, there somebody finally said not like mormons never me it would be like voting for someone in rev. moon's that means i am voting obama...more a prossess of elimination sadly...

  4. As long as somebody doesn't throw his religion in my face or use religion in his/her governing, I am completely agnostic as to other people's faiths.

  5. "do not like mormons never me it would be like voting for someone in rev. moon's that means i am voting obama.."

    Well Obama certainly went to a much more reputable church. I never enjoy sermons unless they include healthy doses of anti-semitism, racism, anti-Americanism and vicious conspiracies.