Monday, November 28, 2011

Stevie Johnson = clown; Caleb Hanie = dud

My favorite sports story from the weekend has to be Bills receiver Stevie Johnson catching a TD pass, doing a celebration that mocked convicted felon Plaxico Burress and then suffering the consequences.

First, Johnson was penalized 15 yards for his silliness, a penalty that directly led to a Jets TD -- by Burress, no less.

Then, with the Bills desperately trying to drive for the winning score, Johnson dropped a perfectly thrown long pass that hit him right in the hands.

Finally, with one last chance to redeem himself, Johnson failed to make what would have been a very nice play on a catchable ball in the end zone.

Karma is a bitch.

Oh, and Johnson later said that when he pretended to shoot himself in the leg, he really wasn't trying to mock Burress' infamous nightclub-gun-fun episode. Oy.

Look, I like TD celebrations. Many are fun and clever -- and most are no more disruptive or planned than the Lambeau Leap.

If you're gonna do them, however, you have to own them. You can't later deny your intentions. More than anything else, you have to be good enough to back up your actions with deeds on the field.

Little Stevie, as immature as his name suggests, failed on all counts.


And speaking of failing ...

For all those who really think the Bears would be better off without Jay Cutler, well, may I present to you ... Caleb Hanie.

NFL executives screw up sometimes. For example, nobody drafted Kurt Warner. Not many other QBs who weren't drafted at all even have played a down in the league, let alone been any good.

What I'm trying to say is that Hanie wasn't drafted for a reason.

I don't particularly like Cutler, one of the more overrated, overhyped guys in recent Chicago sports history. But at least he's got viable NFL quarterbacking skills.

Frankly, I'm amazed the Bears were able to stay as close to the Raiders as they did.


  1. Well said Mike !! I suffered through the whole game and don't expect much in the weeks to come. Maybe Lovie has a solution, NOT

  2. I doubt Hannie has the ability to see the field clearly. Makes the same mistakes throwing the same type of interceptions every game. I think he's going to play his way out of the league. Pretty dismal performance for a guy that will be an unrestricted free agent at seasons end.

  3. I agree about Johnson, but I think you're selling out on Hanie a bit too quickly. He got off to a bad start in that game, but made some good plays, especially in the 2nd half! I put as much or more blame on Martz as I do on Hanie. That 3rd pick was a classic example. 2nd and 1 in the red zone with a great running game and a chance to go into the half with the lead, and Martz can't bring himself to call a running play! He put Hanie in a position to fail in that one! The result was a 6-point swing in a game that was ultimately decided by 5 points.