Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Herman Cain, we hardly knew ye

So I'm reading the McClatchy Newspapers account of Tuesday's GOP debate -- the 406th of 874 scheduled debates, I believe. And I'm reading about the foreign policy opinions of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul and Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman. And then I get to the final paragraph:

Businessman Herman Cain and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum also took part in the debate.

Kind of reminds me of the time I flew from Oslo, Norway to Goteborg, Sweden on a small prop plane with members of the 1994 U.S. Olympic hockey team. The player in the seat next to me was sweating out the bumpy ride when I turned to him and said: "At least people will cry about the loss of you and your teammates. The newspapers won't even mention me until the final paragraph: 'Also perishing was a sportswriter from Minnesota.'"

Yes, Mr. 9-9-9 has reached that level of insignificance. It takes a special kind of incompetence to fail so miserably in that field of knuckleheads.

Oh, and speaking of turkeys ... tune back in tomorrow for my annual Turkey of the Year countdown. More fun than a trip to Plymouth Rock!

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  1. yah but if i was on that same plane nobody would say a word about me and my obituary in the mason city banner times would read:

    DOUG NICODEMUS died suddenly two days ago in a plane crash. The same crash the same crash in which sports columnist and funny man Mike Nadel died. On that plain also were the entire hockey team for the US in the Olympics. That team was 10 and 0 in Olympic Competition and was favored to get a medal, possibly a gold, at the Olympics games they were flying to. The team will be sorely missed.

    Doug was proceeded in death by his famous uncle Charles Nicodemus, who was a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist.

    as my uncle used to say enjoy a by-line while you have it because we all go to the big newspaper in the sky...