Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My contract demands would be too high anyway

Josh McCown was an assistant high school football coach until just before Thanksgiving, when the Bears -- desperate after Jay Cutler got hurt -- called him, auditioned him and signed him.

And now, due to Caleb Hanie's abject failure as Cutler's replacement (once again, everybody loves the backup QB until he actually has to play!), McCown is Chicago's starting quarterback.

McCown's first assignment is merely a Christmas night game in Green Bay on national television against the NFL's best team. He'll be playing behind one of the league's most porous offensive lines and without several injured teammates, including stud tailback Matt Forte.

Given a similar situation, I would have to think twice if some NBA team wants to pluck me from the ranks of assistant junior-high basketball coach.


  1. And the quarterback clown car continues to spill out passengers ar Halas Hall.

    Hey, what about that 5th rounder, Enderle Matrz was so high on? Oh wait, that's for the last game after the Bears get pummeled by Green Bay, who is very angry at losing last week to KC and Orton. McCown doesn't last the game.

    I think I will find something better to watch or do on Christmas night.