Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Repudiate this! And other election silliness

Love the idea of the Tea Party. Really. As one of America's few TMs - True Moderates - I embrace anything that shakes up the business-as-usual partisan politics of the donkeys and elephants.

The notion of smaller government is a good one. I just wish more Tea Partiers had told me how they were going to make government smaller and cut my taxes while still funding everything that needs to be funded. They - like most of the politicians - were big on rhetoric, attack ads and scare tactics but small on legitimate ideas.

The easiest thing to do during campaigns is attack the incumbents. Offering actual solutions? There wasn't a whole lot of that. Now that a few Tea Partiers have gained positions of power, I will be very interested to watch how they proceed.

Will they spend most of their terms trying to get reelected? Will they pursue pricey (and ridiculous) earmarks for their constituents? Will they shake up the establishment or just become part of it?

Oh, and one more thing ...

Most conservatives, some right-leaning Dems and many pundits are saying the results of this election are a "repudiation" of Barack Obama and the first two years of his presidency. And they appear to be correct in many ways.

But that's not the only repudiation that took place Tuesday. It was a repudiation of dopey candidates, too.

The Dems can't nominate Alvin "The Chipmunk" Greene and expect to be anything but laughingstocks. And who knows what would have happened had conservatives not pushed Tea Party yahoos Witchstine O'Donnell in Delaware and Sharron Angle in Nevada? With legitimate candidates, the GOP probably would have gained control of the Senate, too.

(That's good news for us True Moderates. We like a balance of power.)

Finally, a note to O'Donnell and other dopes like her: God gets really ticked off when incompetent wannabes constantly invoke His name as part of their cause - especially when those wannabes sound like imbeciles.

Holy repudiation, Batman ... Witchstine done got smited at the polls.


  1. you are still a funny man ...pratfalls and all...

  2. Quinn calls voters in Illinois pinheads and still gets elected. Emil Jones, President of the Illinois Senate says voters just didn't understand and was implying we are all basically idiots. Guess they are right, they all got reelected at the State level.

    The coming gridlock is good. If they can't get anything done, they can do no harm.