Friday, October 1, 2010

Look who's cashing a paycheck

Just received my first "real" paycheck since the marvels at GateHouse decided my $2.2 million salary was keeping them from becoming the world's No. 1 media empire.

That's right: Mike's working again.

Before you get too excited for me, a few facts: I'm making only a little more than minimum wage doing mostly grunt work at a Charlotte-area country club - cleaning carts, filling water coolers, driving the range-ball picker, etc.

The job is part-time, has no health benefits and has no 401k plan. And I'm making less money in a typical day than I used to when I covered Chicago baseball, basketball and hockey as a freelance writer.

Still, I like being at River Hills Country Club. I like being outdoors. I love being involved with golf. I like my co-workers. The club members are very unpretentious.

Throw in the fact that I occasionally get to play a very nice course for free, and it's a really happy situation.

The nation's economic woes dealt many of us a bad hand. With a wife who works and a little money in the bank, I have it far better than most - and, believe me, I continue to be grateful for what I have.

Why complain? My life rocks.


  1. tmad here. Can you drive a submarine on a golf course? From what I hear, that's what you need down there lately. (seriously, Good Luck with any and all new ventures.)

  2. Rock on! Getting colder here so you're not missing much. Bears are playing over their heads, "Lucky Lovie" now; Sox and Cubs season comes to a meriful end; Bulls and Blackhawks around the corner.

    I still think you should find MJ and do some PR work for the team, you are a natural. But then, that's a real job and why do that?

    Good luck.....

  3. people who work outdoors, are happy with the people they work with and who put in some physical work live of my friends is a greens keeper at the rail and he likes it alot...glad things go well good luck with the house hunting...