Friday, October 22, 2010

David $tern = Hypocrite

Elimination of teams. Thirty-three percent salary reductions for players. Hard salary cap.

Little David Stern is making big threats as he glooms and dooms his way toward the next round of negotiations between the NBA's billionaire owners and millionaire players.

He says owners are losing money hand over fist, so he's merely mentioning possible ways for those poor lugs to make ends meet in 2011 and beyond.

By the by, here's one money-saving idea he didn't mention:

The highest-paid commissioner in sports (estimated as much as $20 million per year) taking a sizable salary cut and eliminating about half of his bloated administration.

Say what you want about NBA players (and all athletes) being overpaid. At least they can do things very few humans can.

What can David Stern do that most Average Joes can't ... besides convince a bunch of billionaires to pay him more money in two weeks than most Average Joes will see in their lifetimes?



    no basketball games for me..