Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering my folks, and making new memories

Enjoyed a great holiday weekend with my brother Al and his lady friend, Sandy. We played a couple of rounds of golf, ate some good food and tried to stay out of any real trouble. They seemed very happy with their North Carolina experience.

Here, Al took a picture of yours truly and my lovely wife, Roberta, on the 18th tee box at Pinehurst Course 5. Proud to say I broke 100 (although not with much room to spare) and came within a foot of my first career hole-in-one. (And yes, wise guy/gal, I did make the birdie putt.)

For me, Memorial Day weekend is about remembering my Dad, a World War II veteran, as well as my wonderful Mom. It was great to do so with the person who has known me longest!

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