Monday, February 20, 2012

Today's High 5: Back to witness Linsanity


OK, I now can fess up: I hadn't been posting because Roberta and I were in Cancun, where we met our kids (who had flown down from Chicago). I don't like to advertise vacations before I'm taking them or while I'm on them -- better to keep would-be house-robbers in the dark!

Weather-wise, our trip was spectacular: low 80s and sunny every day. And it was so much fun to spend a week with Katie and Ben, whom we hadn't seen since October. Hopefully, it won't be so long next time.

We mostly enjoyed the weather, the beach, the pool and each other, but we did spend one day exploring the ruins of Chichen Itza and swimming in a "cenote" (kind of a watering hole/cave combination. Lots of good food and plenty of games of Scrabble, Boggle, cribbage, Catchphrase and Who-What-Where, too.

If I said posting at The Baldest Truth was what I missed most while I was gone, I'd be fibbing. When we picked our puppy Simcha up from the sitter last night, she acted as if we'd been gone a year. It's always great to be loved so unconditionally!


How 'bout that kid who is lifting the Knicks to greatness?

Of course, I'm talking about former Marquette star Steve Novak!

Like everybody else, I've been floored by all that Jeremy Lin has accomplished in his short stint as an NBA starter. I keep waiting for him to hit a wall; instead, he keeps knocking every wall down.

He certainly is the best sports story so far in 2012, and he already is on the short list of legitimate NBA MVP candidates.

Pretty amazing for a twice-cut kid from Harvard who couldn't get on the court for the Knicks until half the team was injured.

Whether in sports or in real life, sometimes all a person needs is opportunity.


My favorite thing about the opening of spring training is that it means one of my favorite sports months is only days away.

March Madness ... spring training ... NBA and NHL entering the stretch run ... and no NFL draft. What's not to love?


Because both are young athletes with extremely strong religious beliefs who have energized downtrodden teams, Lin quite often has been compared to Tim Tebow.

How unfair.

To Lin.

Lin hasn't been awful for the first 90 percent of every game he has played. Game in and game out, opening tip to final horn, Lin has been the catalyst for a Knicks team that had been completely rudderless.

Contrast that to Tebow, who benefited from a fine Broncos defense that kept games close while he made mistake after mistake. Trying to protect late leads, opposing coaches then changed what they were doing and practically gave Tebow engraved invitations to rally the Broncos. To his credit, he accepted those invitations and succeeded.

As winter fades to spring and the Knicks try to make this season a special one, it will be interesting to see how opposing coaches adjust to Lin. It will be even more interesting to see how the Knicks adjust when Carmelo Anthony -- who is used to having the ball in his hands about 99.9 percent of the time -- returns to the lineup.

Tebow failed miserably the last few weeks of the season and the Broncos only backed into the playoffs because their division rivals were even worse.

How will Lin do in April and May? That's the question I want to see answered.


That right ... if you look at that picture of me and Roberta carefully, you'll see that we obviously were airbrushed.

And just when you thought we couldn't possibly get any sexier!


  1. "he already is on the short list of legitimate NBA MVP candidates."

    The kid has obviously been real good, but he's made 8 starts. Eight.

    MVP talk is ridiculous.

  2. I don't like hyperbole, Cam, and here I've been guilty of it myself.

    What I should have said is that if he can continue anywhere near this pace for another month or so and if the Knicks are still winning, he will be in the MVP conversation.

    There. That's more of the voice-of-reason way I prefer to write. Glad you called me on it!

  3. welcome back...glad you had a good time...