Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MJ's mansion = Mitt's servant's quarters

Michael Jordan has put his 9-bedroom, 15-bathroom suburban Chicago home on the market.

Asking price: $29 million.

"That's not much at all," Mitt Romney was overheard saying. "Michael's practically giving it away."


  1. I'm not an enormous Romney fan, but I don't get the big deal with him having money. Most of what he has he earned himself as a successful businessman. Isn't that something we should be shooting for in this country? It seems like the new ideal for president is some lower-middle class guy out of the mill, but nobody like that exists at the upper levels of government.

  2. I have nothing against anybody having money. Not MJ, not Romney, not my brother Al.

    What I have something against is phoniness. He keeps trying to make believe he's one of us, with his Mom's jeans and casual shirts and fake sympathy for the middle class. But the truth comes out every time he opens his mouth.

    His speaking earnings weren't "very much." Yeah, only $374k. He likes Nascar just like you and me; he can't name any drivers but he knows a couple of team owners. He loves Detroit cars; in fact, his wife drives "a couple of Cadillacs." (Presumably at the same time.) And so on and so on.

    He wants us to give him credit for the jobs he saved/created with his vulture capitalism. But he didn't want to save the million or more jobs in the automotive industry. Then he wonders why his home state, Michigan, turned on him.

    A piece of work, this guy.

  3. "He keeps trying to make believe he's one of us"

    He's a politician pandering to the masses. Sure it's annoying, but what legit presidential candidate hasn't done that?

    And at least he was being honest about his stance on the auto industry. At the time there were a lot of people who thought the best idea was to let them go bankrupt and start over. That wasn't a popular position to take and he actually stood by it.

  4. the us has elected some rich guys...most notably kennedy and the bushes BUT those guys spent many years in government... we never have elected a financier and if we do we might as well cut our throats...