Monday, August 8, 2011

Thankfully, CEOs won't lose bonuses to any tax hike!

Through their incompetence, intransigence or both, the fools and thieves in charge of our government have socked us with a financial penalty worse than any 100 tax hikes.

The lead-up to and aftermath of the Debt Ceiling Follies have resulted in trillions of dollars in lost wealth, and not just for the wealthy. I'm certainly not rich and I've probably suffered six-figure losses in my retirement accounts these past two weeks.

I say "probably" only because I'm too depressed to take a long look at my accounts and tally the actual damages.

As a moderate who believes in the wonders of compromise, I'd love to blame the tea partiers for all of this ... but I can't, even if they are the drivers of the U.S.S. Insanity. Incredibly, some of these line-in-the-sand yahoos are still complaining that they only got 99 percent of what they wanted.

The gutless "regular" Republicans couldn't think for themselves and let a minority of extremists in their ranks dictate the dialogue. I'm still waiting for one working-class (or unemployed) Republican to adequately explain why he or she would support GOP politicians who so obviously could give a rat's rear about anybody but the richest 3 percent of society.

Did I say 3 percent? Sorry. I meant 1 percent.

The even more gutless Democrats, meanwhile, routinely get pantsed by their rivals because they aren't tough enough. They could have prevented all this from happening by acting on the debt ceiling last December, when they had vast legislative majorities, but they were immobilized by fear. As for Barack Obama, what does the man stand for? More than 2 1/2 years into his presidency, I wish I knew.

It might take years for us to recover the savings we've lost in just the last few weeks -- and, despite Rick Perry's pathetic Prayer-A-Palooza over the weekend -- the fall is far from over.

But hey, at least our elected leaders managed to prevent the elimination of tax loopholes for corporate jet owners and hedge fund managers. The Republic is saved!


  1. Mike, I've enjoyed your column since the Peoria Journal Star days, but I have to seriously call you out on this one. First, you being a journalist, I strongly suggest you do some more research on the Tea Party before you engage in the name calling that most of the mainstream media does. You might find that the things you believe in and the things they believe in may be more similar that you realize.

    Second, if you want an explanation on why us republicans are "standing up for the rich", crank up your favorite search engine and look up "The tax System Explained in Beer". Very simple, very common-sensical.

    Third, Rick Perry's pathetic Prayer-A-Palooza? Why are you bashing someone who is openly holding a prayer meeting? Remember, our forefathers left Europe for the right to worship as they pleased. Besides, if you want to see how an oppresive theocracy is being set up, type "England Sharia law zone" in your search engine.

    BTW, the current governor of your former state of residence just jacked up everybody's taxes by think that will save Gov. Quinn from the walk to the bankruptcy courts?

    I enjoy your commentary on sports and your life, but you need to do some more digging before you talk about politics, Mike.

    Wishing you the best...

  2. Sorry, but Rick Perry scares the hell out of me. I don't need to do research on that point. It's just a feeling. I don't want my governors throwing up their hands and saying, "God will save us." I want them to govern. And I certainly don't want my presidents doing it. Besides, lots and lots of people who believe in God don't believe Jesus is the son of God, and it's pretty insulting to have a self-proclaimed national religion shoved down our throats. Keep the church and the state separate, PLEASE!!!!!

    Thanks for the Tax System Explained in Beer. Interesting. Still didn't answer my question, though. Anybody who thinks most tea partiers or most establishment Republicans care about anybody but the big money they constantly protect ... well, there's no hope.

    Not that the Dems offer better choices, BA. They are lost sheep.

    Gov. Quinn ... oy. What a loser.

    Please don't confuse me with somebody who likes taxes. I hate taxes, too. Every economist worth a grain of salt says the deficit isn't going anywhere without increased revenues as well as drastic cuts. They make sense ... not that politicians let facts get in the way of a good argument.

    Appreciate the kind words.

  3. let us see...all of the states around the mediterranean except turkey and jordan are on is burning for the 4rth night and BA Scott wants to keep up the tea party drivel..wonder what he is going to do when the angry people with pitch forks and burning torches are at his front door...

  4. Mike, you do realize that you could double everyone's taxes--thus crippling business and personal finances ever more--and it wouldn't fix the deficit that threatens to crush this nation, don't you?

    Tax all you like, but the entitlement system that was never meant to prop up a 300+ million population is what is what will eventually doom us. Perhaps it was a safety net, but no more, and neither party has the balls to do anything about it.

  5. I don't want to double anybody's taxes. I just don't want to prop up private-jet owners on the backs of poor people. I agree wholeheartedly that we have to do something significant with entitlements. I am a moderate, not a liberal or conservative. I believe that the crisis can be solved in a compassionate way.