Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Simcha, the newest Nadel!

Our new little girl, Simcha!

Her name is pronounced "sim-kha" -- say the second syllable as if you had a little phlegm in your throat! It's Hebrew for "happiness," and it's a perfect fit. She is a happy girl and she makes us happy!

She's a black Lab, she's just about 4 months old, we brought her home from the shelter yesterday. It's amazing to think that somebody actually didn't want this well-behaved, lovable cutie!

She had a great first night in her crate in our bedroom. Didn't whine or make noise or have any accidents. Got up with Roberta to go to the bathroom and then, when Roberta went to work, Simcha went back to sleep until I woke up. She's sleeping at my feet under the desk as I write this.

She's been with us for barely 24 hours and already we're in love!!!


  1. Enjoy, they steal your heart away.... Welcome to living with a perpetual 3 year old in the home. I love my Golden Molly and would never change a thing, except maybe her over "welcomeness" to people when they arrive at the house. But such is the life of a golden. Molly, I am sure, thinks that everyone's sole purpose in life is to pet her.

  2. You mean it isn't? She sounds like a sweetie!!

  3. Congrats, new Dad. Getting to enjoy dogs at a shelter is a great privilege. It is marvelous you took one to a new home. I especially love the black labs, too. Marvelous looking creatures. Simcha is a beauty queen.

    Happy for you.

    I hope Larry Harnly sees this. He takes a shelter dog or two home with him each week for an afternoon of "home life".

  4. Larry saw my facebook post and commented, so he did see it. I didn't know he did that with the shelter dogs. A great idea. Not surprising, because he's a great guy!