Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guard your wallets, folks

I started to write something about some of the football action over the weekend. Then I changed my mind. I saw precious little football, pro or college. And I had trouble caring about any of it.

So instead, I'll write about something that actually matters:

Your money.

When you get a bill from the cable or telephone company, look it over closely. When you get a check from the server at the restaurant, don't just hand over your credit card assuming the tab was correctly figured. When you get your paycheck, make sure you were paid for all the work you did.

In the past week, my wife and I found errors in all of the above. I'd estimate that in the last 10 years, I have "made" at least $1,000 by spotting similar errors.

And even to a multimillionaire such as myself, a thou is a decent chunk of change.


  1. tmad here. Sounds like those old country boys are trying to put one over on the city slickers. At least in Chicago, the punks and/or the politicians are brazen and in-your-face about their thievery. Give 'em what fer, Mike. Back at ya, Goober and Daisy May!

  2. C'mon, tmad ... on all but the restaurant bill, the charges were either from national companies or Chicago leftovers. Leave my new neighbors alone!!

  3. I also wasn't accusing anybody of corruption or piracy. Humans make mistakes. Sadly, so do computers. It's up to each of us to make sure we're paying only what we owe.

  4. did you find a good golf course there one close...

  5. tmad again. OK, I'm chastened. But that "Can we get away with this" attitude seems to be a societal thing, not just geographical. Unfortunately, the "Fool me once..." adage is increasingly the order of the day.