Friday, July 23, 2010

Why is Lou still running Cubs?

On July 22, 1978, during Lou Piniella's heyday as a ballplayer, his Yankees were 11 games behind the Red Sox. They had no chance. None.

Two days later, Billy Martin was forced out as manager, replaced by Bob Lemon. The Yankees ended up winning the division, the pennant and the World Series.

Going into this weekend's Cubs-Cardinals series, Lou's Cubbies trail the Cards by 11 games.

Do I think a managerial change would turn the '10 Cubs into the '78 Yankees? No, I do not. And yet ...

Instead of letting Lou play out the string as a lame-duck skipper, why not at least pretend you're still trying to win?

I should feel sorry for all the chumps who paid big bucks for tickets to games the last two months. But in Cubbieland, you get what you pay for.


  1. i agree...they should bring the ryno come up for 2 months and play manager...if he works fine if he doesn't everyone's dreams are fulfilled and the next crazy fool gets a chance...

  2. good suggestion. but, I kind of see Lou as an elder stateman who has earned the right to go out in style. the cubs are going nowhere anyway. let the man get his due. they were probably going to fire him anyway.