Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Vinny, vidi, vici" again for brainless Bulls?

You might think John Paxson and Jerry Reinsdorf are as clueless as a couple of teenage virgins at a bra-unhooking convention, but believe me: The Bulls Braintrust does have a plan for this edition of the semiannual coaching search.

They will take forever ... they will interview everybody who even knows what a basketball looks like ... they will come close to hiring somebody competent but find all kinds of reasons not to hire him ... and they ultimately will settle on a guy who has never coached on any level, not even 2nd grade bitty-ball.

I mean, that plan worked to perfection last time, so what could go wrong?


  1. every seen a fan tasered...gotta add something to the game

  2. Why don't they have a contest to pick the next coach. It would work just as well as those clowns in Deerfield woking on it...