Friday, June 19, 2009

D-Lee's no dis-Grace

Great fielder ... big reputation ... low-RBI middle-of-the-order guy ... warning-track power.

Gotta admit it: Up in the pressbox, I was starting to refer to Derrek Lee as "Mark Grace."

"Except," I'd say, "Grace batted .300 and didn't strike out much."

Then Lee got hot and started hitting home runs left and right. Clutch homers, too, including Friday's off Kerry Wood to tie it in the ninth to make yet another unlikely victory possible for the Comeback Cubbies.

Lee's a good guy who has been through a lot, including a serious wrist injury and his daughter's health issues. It's nice to see good things happening for him again.

Besides, I guess it's not exactly a slam to compare a hitter to Mark Grace ... even if Grace did only have warning-track power.

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  1. i felt sorry for wood...which do you think is more a greek tragedy..woods or ankiel..