Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rolling Thunder strikes again!

Blue Thunder? We should be called the Rolling Thunder!

It's the Fall League for Charlotte old dude softball (45 and older), and our squad just won again. We're 5-0 with four weeks left in the regular season.

As usual, we pounded the ball and made enough good defensive plays to win, 17-13. What was unique about this latest victory was that we were missing five of our best players but we just kept rolling. (Ed, Wheels, Ronnie, Donnie, Jim ... we really do still need you!!)

There were a few unique things involving yours truly, too. First, I batted fifth. I'm pretty sure I hadn't hit in the middle of the order since I was occasionally smashing the longball for my Madison Newspaper Co. team in 1984. Second, I had my first three-RBI day of the season, with two hits and a sac fly as I continue to battle out of the slump that plagued me in August.

And third? I was intentionally walked.

Yes, that's right. The opponent intentionally walked a slug like me to load the bases and set up the force play. The really cool thing is that the guy who followed me in the order -- our 75-year-old living legend named O.K. -- delivered a line-drive into the gap!

Softball already had been fun because this is a great group of guys, but I must admit it's even more fun when everybody's hitting ... and the Thunder keeps rolling.


  1. I think the team should be renamed "Spare Parts" since we have had a bevy of other players fill in. I finally figured out why you bat ahead of me, because if you get a hit and I hit to right field, you score!

  2. yippee yahoo...leaps in the air and tosses his hat :+}

  3. Wow, I guess God does have a sense of humor. No realy, very cool.

    My daughter's pitching coach always tells her, in a close game, if the batter you face is the slowest and the next batter is the fastest with first base open, walk the batter. The team is only as fast on the bases as the slowest runner.