Friday, October 28, 2011

A Series worth staying awake for

The problem with the Cardinals and the Rangers is their games are so doggone boring!

And how 'bout that David Freese? After he dropped a popup that every Little Leaguer catches 100 out of 100 times, my wife turned to me and asked: "What the hell? Is the fix in?"

Nah, Freese was just setting himself up to be the hero two hours later. He trumped God, who apparently told Josh Hamilton he was gonna homer in the 10th inning. I wonder how much dough God lost on this one.

Oh, and for the record ... in the ninth inning, I thought the Rangers should have pitched to Albert Pujols instead of to the hottest hitter in the world. Lance Berkman made Tony La Russa's decision to bat him fourth look absolutely brilliant. Before we give La Genius too much credit, though, it should be noted that it took him six games to come to his senses and finally put Berkman in the Pujols-protecting spot in place of Matt Holliday -- who has killed the Cards with his bat and glove all Series.

I'm looking forward to tonight's Game 7. I just hope that FOX somehow can be convinced to show a few shots of Nolan Ryan in the stands. I mean, we've hardly seen any of those so far.


  1. Funny you should mention that poor excuse and great video on how not to catch a pop-up. My daughter, who plays elite fast-pitch travel softball, just happended to walk into the room and started yelling at the TV.."2 hands, 2 hands".... Then she looks at me and says. "If softball was easy they would call it baseball."

  2. what a game...2 or 3 guys got into an argument on the radio about whether it was the greatest world series guy said it was exciting but the play was so sloppy it could never be great...i was like who cares...i will take exciting over great any day of the year...