Monday, July 25, 2011

Lockouts, shooting sprees and everything in between

This Week's Top Ten:

10. Congrats to NFL owners and players for settling on a collective bargaining agreement in time to save the season. Now if they only could do something important and get Congress and the White House to agree on a debt-ceiling package. How 'bout it, Jerry Jones and Tom Brady?

9. Republicans are afraid that ending tax loopholes and enacting other revenue-producing steps will hurt the economy (as well as piss off their rich -- oops, sorry, their "job-creating" -- friends). Democrats, meanwhile, believe entitlement programs can grow forever and ever without hurting the economy at all. Compromise, of course, is the obvious solution ... but apparently obvious only to those of us who aren't in position to make such decisions.

8. The Tour de France has ended. Tune in tomorrow for the Tour de Doping Scandal.

7. Good news, folks: It looks like we're about to use millions more in taxpayer dollars on a second Roger Clemens trial that's bound to be at least as satisfying and meaningful as the first. And we wonder why our nation is in hock up to its collective eyeballs.

6. I have a timeshare I'm thinking about giving away just so I no longer will have to pay the annual fee. Kind of like the Cubs' thoughts regarding Alfonso Soriano ... except I think I'll be able to avoid having to pay $40 million just to get somebody to take my week in Myrtle Beach.

5. Maybe you've noticed (but probably you haven't) that I've been blogging pretty infrequently lately. You'll be pleased to know that somehow I've managed to survive the financial consequences of such inactivity.

4. Here's something interesting: LeBron went on ESPN to announce he's taking his talents to South Beach to do nothing.

3. Someday I'm going to figure out why South Korean women dominate the LPGA Tour but hardly any of their male counterparts even play on the PGA Tour.

2. On the same weekend the NFL lockout effectively ended came the first rumors of Brett Favre's next un-retirement. Talk about perfect timing.

1. To draw attention to his belief that Muslims are evil murderers, a gun-loving evangelical Christian murdered dozens of innocent non-Islam children. The human race is so screwed.


  1. i am still reading if and when you do...but i could understand if you do not...i do it daily and it can be a drag sometimes...anyway commenting here keeps my google account active so thanks...

  2. Anything I can do to help, Doug. I'll be over later to wash your car.

  3. Your Central Illinois contingent is faithful, Mike. I try to look at least a couple times a day to see if you have updated, and I know LH looks every day as well.

    I've commented a few times, but it sure seems tedious. Several clicks required, so maybe I do something wrong. Not as simple as typing in my response and clicking send.

    Doug, do you have to do the same several steps each time you respond? Is none of that saved somewhere?

    (I just counted as I was doing this... I think I got up to seven steps with this final edit and post)

  4. Don't feel you need to comment (but feel free to do so if you want). Believe me, I am way beyond needing validation. Although I very much appreciate everybody who takes a few seconds to check out my silliness, I'm at the stage of my "career" (for lack of better word) when I write only when I feel like writing. Cheers, everybody.

  5. Hi Mike,

    This is Sean from Mpls (relo'ed from Peoria area). I still read your posts as well and continue to look forward to them. Thank you for continuing.


  6. j david...i only click 3 times ...if it recognizes my google account immediately 4 times if it doesn't but it is not time consuming...the are you a human or signal recognition stage takes the longest but it is nowhere near as tough as say digg or facebook...thanks mike for the offer on the car...maybe someday...

  7. Thanks, Doug. After typing this, I am going to county closely, and then when it does the final edit, I'll update my count. (Maybe I need a different account - whatever this is associated with??)

    First thing is to select my profile... I click AIM, then key my ID, then POST COMMENT. (3 already)

  8. Acted slightly different than yesterday.

    4th click was continue, 5th click was to key the magic word, then click enter, then continue again and it finished. Perhaps AIM is causing all the extra steps.

  9. Breivik was not a Christian, much less an Evangelical one. He did despise Muslims though, so that part is accurate. The gun-loving part seems gratuitous. I guess the idea is that the millions of folks who are gun supporters....are potential mass murderers? Who knows?