Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey Albert Gump: Stupid is as stupid does

Getting mad at a reporter who dared ask if he was concerned that his broken wrist might affect his next contract, gazillion-dollar-free-agent-to-be Albert Pujols called it a "stupid question" and immediately ended the press gathering.

It wasn't a stupid question. It was THE question that had to be asked, THE question that is on the mind of baseball fans everywhere -- both those in St. Louis who hope he stays with the Cardinals and those in other cities want the generation's best hitter to play for their teams.

The question wasn't even asked Monday (the day Pujols found out he would miss at least six weeks) but Tuesday. The always respectful St. Louis media gave Albert plenty of time to let the news sink in before asking the question on everybody's mind.

The only stupid thing was Pujols' immature reaction.

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