Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here's hoping Cutler has learned a thing or three

Crutches. Yeah, that's the ticket.

If only Jay Cutler had been smart enough to limp around the sideline on crutches -- maybe wincing a little as he did -- he wouldn't now be known as the biggest wimp this side of Milhouse Van Houten.

Judging from Cutler's two seasons with the Bears, he didn't learn much about being an NFL quarterback. He still tries high-risk-low-reward passes far too often. He still holds onto the ball too long and still doesn't know how to throw it away to avoid sacks. He still has body language suggesting anything but leadership.

At the very least, however, here's hoping he's learned a few things since Sunday.

His back-stabbing peers, not the evil media, are his biggest critics. Chicago fans, like all others, want to embrace you when you're up but live to crush you when you're down. (Once upon a time, Rex Grossman was a Soldier Field favorite, too!) Only a moron -- or a glutton for punishment -- goes out on the town hours after being the perceived goat of the season's most bitter defeat.

Oh, and for cryin' out loud, use crutches next time.


  1. Well, buckle up Bear's fans. At the year-end press conference, Lovie likes this team, wants his core back, and Jerry said they have 22 guys under contract. Hummm, seems like the same song after the 2006 SB and we all know what happend after that!

    Lovie will get extended.

    Do the Bears really believe that this team can win when they don't have the easiest schedule in the NFL, the core is a year older and have some real injuries in the next season?

  2. I've been a critic of Lovie in the past, but at this point I don't see a reason to get rid of him. He's shown that the team can win when it has good players, which is true of just about every franchise. I'm not saying he's the best coach out there, but you know what they say about the grass being greener. Since he's not a HC/GM, I can't pin the personnel woes on him.

    Besides, what is he supposed to say about the team he has, the team that was predicted to finish third in the division but instead hosted the conference championship game? I wouldn't expect him to cut them down. Take a look at most CEOs. You know that they aren't telling you the truth most of the time when they talk about their companies. But when the words you speak in public can negatively affect things, you can't always be as honest as those of us who don't have that burden. It's a fine line to walk for a public figure, and I don't envy coaches and managers of sports franchises.

    I'd like to see a Bears team that's competitive every year, but I don't see that happening regardless of the coach. Take a look at the five most successful teams over the past decade in terms of playoff appearances: Ind, NE, Phi, GB, and Pit. Every one of them has had a good, long-tenured QB at the helm during that span. Orton and Grossman were never going to be that, so they tried with Cutler. He hasn't been that yet and might never be, but you have to at least try to get that type of player.

    I'd rather see the front office turn over than to see another coach brought in. With the rotisserie of success that is the NFL, I'm sure that the Bears will be back in the playoffs by 2013 or 2014 no matter who the coach is.